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I C.A.R.E. Foundation’s primary focus is to improve the successfulness of individuals through education and training. The mission is to provide our clients with a safe environment supervised by caring, competent and supportive staff. In addition to promoting nurturing relationships, I C.A.R.E. Foundation promotes the development of people by instilling a sense of competency, usefulness and belonging to lead productive lives.

The organization I C.A.R.E is the vision of former Miami Dolphins wide receiver James Pruitt. As a youth reared with my two siblings in South Central Los Angeles by a single parent, I faced seemingly insurmountable circumstances and challenges. Therefore, I understand the challenges faced by South Florida’s youth: poor, drug infested neighborhoods, gang violence, low self-esteem, and being told I would never amount to anything. I created I C.A.R.E. Foundation Inc. to give individuals a “fighting chance” to be successful. My mission is to educate and empower people to escape an often chaotic and unforgiving world.

I have been successful in my endeavors to obtain a certain level of success but many are less fortunate. The challenges that they face become more overwhelming each day and the outlook for a successful future becomes less apparent. Through this organization, I want to teach people how to meet the challenges of daily life and empower them to lead productive lives.